Blog 3 Today … The Happy Blog

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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Blog 3 Today… the happy blog

Saturday, August 4, 2007 (2:02am)
Current mood: sleepy Category: Life

Lest you all think I’ve been moping around this week, just dealing with abused kids, I am pleased to report that I’ve had a good time during this week off. I decided to avoid all things work related for the most part, except for banking and new student schmoozing.

Ken’s been doing a lot better now that they have his insulin adjusted and his blood sugar has stabilized. We had a nice day at Balboa Park. We some saw some great photo exhibits in the photography museum… including Ansel Adams, the famous nature photographer. His prints are always so amazing to look at… the images are stunning. We also went to the art museum and so several exhibits, including one featuring impressionists. They had several Monets. What amazing paintings. We hung out in the park and just had a great day together. It was nice having Ken there feeling more like his old self. I was reminded how much I love that creative part of him that loves that kind of stuff.

We also wandered around in the artist’s village down there that has working studios of tons of artists and photographers. I picked up some blown glass vases that I’ve been wanting for a long time. Before the traffic got so bad around here I used to love to go down there frequently. Every time we do go, I’m encouraged to be creative in the visual arts again.

We also went down to the harbor yesterday and enjoyed a great lunch and staring blankly at the boats etc for awhile.

I also got to see one of my dear friends who lives in New Jersey now. She’s a wonderful reminder to me that sometimes being in stinky church situations are worth it because of the people you meet along the way.

For me it’s been nice to be able to just sit and read and not have to be doing anything. I could use a few more weeks of the same thing. This is the first time in a long time where I had time off that was actually relaxing. Life is good.


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