Fallin’ Apart …

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Fallin’ Apart…
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007 (8:18am)

It began a bit early this year. It’s a strange phenomena that happens every year, mainly in the spring when everything gets hot and humid, and in the fall when everything gets cool and damp. This year our weather has been so wacky that we had a mild spring version and now are going for the traditional hot and humid one now instead. This does not bode well for the cold and damp one. What is it? It’s the time when a billion things start breaking down and suddenly have to be fixed /replaced / fought with. In the last two weeks Ken’s car wouldn’t start… after push starting the car, (for those of you who know big 6’4″ Ken and his little autopia like convertible this should conjure up some interesting images) lots of fidgeting and a new battery later the car is running. Of course he had to fix the voltmeter that crapped out while he was testing the battery.

I’ve had several guitars go south that have made their way to the repair store… then there was the new strings for the cello to the tune of $136… including tax… and the changing of the new strings for I don’t know how much yet.

One of the dogs tried to go through the screen door while it was closed, and after it was ripped decided it was a good time to just rip it enough to go through all the way… thus double french screen door repair. The exterior doors on the house decide to shift every season too and either won’t open or won’t close and lock so Ken’s been busy with them too. Last night I had quite the time unclogging the toilet. I guess the annual fall $600 plumber bill is waiting for awhile.

I’ve had sluggish electronic equipment in my teaching room. My computer is struggling to keep up with new versions of software. The cable box went out. Ken and my bodies have been on the fritz too… etc. etc. etc. You get the drift.

I think it’s kind of funny that our things don’t like change any more than we do sometimes. Too hot… too cold… too wet… too dry… or a few too many bumps along the road and our things grouse and complain and stop working just like we do. We live in a fallen world that isn’t always kind to us or our appliances.
In the midst of all that I’ve been very aware that it’s only stuff. It can be replaced or fixed or upgraded for the new model.

People are a different story. I’m always amazed at how truly small or world really is and how our lives as humans have profound effects on each other. We are in this together somehow. I’ve been reminded of this as I’ve been with several friends as they’ve wrestled with the loss of friends and loved ones. A few have been only long distance in prayer.

One of my friends spent part of her week last week working on getting plane tickets for some of her worried and grief stricken friends who needed to get back to where the bridge collapse was because their daughter was lost in the wreckage. She was able to get them free and discounted tickets to make their trip and their time a little easier. We talked about the whys of such an event… why so many survived an even that could have had so many more people seriously hurt or killed… But there’s the nagging question why… why the ones who did lose their lives… why that particular family who already has suffered so much with other life tragedies.

One of my other friends lives in Afghanistan. The Korean missionaries weren’t just news stories to her. They were her fellow ministry partners. This last week the worshiped and had a last meal together with their friends… the other Korean missionaries there who are being told to leave the country immediately and return home to Korea.

Several of my other friends have seriously ill parents who are nearing the end of their lives. They are struggling with the emotions of seeing their parents that they love in the process of dying.

I think for me this week it was a reminder of what really is important… which are the people who populate our world. We really are connected together. I’m thankful to have traveling companions along the way. I was comforted these last few weeks just by the presence of my friends and my family. I was amused by sparring haiku created by creative online buddies. I enjoyed conversations with several friends who I’ve known for years… some since my youth even. We lived out our fiery younger days together, and now we are growing older and weathering the storms that go with that together too, thankful for our shared history that makes for fewer words, less need for explanations, and a shared lifetime of memories and hope. We’ve seen each other’s struggles and have seen the good changes too. I appreciate them just that much more for knowing the toughness of their journey, and their progress along the way. I’ve enjoyed the company of some of my newer (and many times younger) friends who have generously invited my to be a part of their worlds. I love seeing the story unfolding in them too and look forward to having a ring side seat. I love their passion and their zeal for life that will continue to rock their worlds long after I’ve done my exit from this planet. I’ve talked to some older and wiser friends who are struggling with their bodies but who have a lifetime of passion and wisdom to share… and are gracious enough to do so. I am a blessed woman to have all these people just a phone call or email away. I am so thankful to be able to share the whole of my life… the good the bad and the ugly with people that I can love who love me. Batteries and audio equipment and strings can be replaced. People will last forever. Life is good.


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