Grousing … Part 2

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Grousing, Part Two…

November, 13,2007
Grousing Part Two…
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As an addition…

Don’t get me wrong with the stuff about the pastors and people in authority in the church. I do believe in mercy and redemption. I do believe that God can forgive them, and they might be able to change… Just like I’m sure that if I murdered someone, and asked Him to God would forgive me too. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life in prison for what I did.

Trust has to be earned. When trust has been violated, it takes a lot longer for it to be earned again the next time. I think it was Spurgeon who said that a man shouldn’t be allowed back into a pulpit until their repentance was as notorious as their sin. And even then, I think if I guy (or a woman) has a severe enough problem with inappropriate sexual involvement where they are having to step down, perhaps they should decide to no longer do ministry with people of the opposite sex. If a worship leader gets involved with women who are not his wife, then let him ONLY do worship with men for men in the future… and even then not until he’s proved without a shadow of a doubt that he’s ready with a system of accountability in place.


i think my head just exploded with your last two blogs!!!!i love it. i have to process it and then i’ll post more. keep grousing. grousing is good!! 🙂


My only caveat is that trust and respect are given unconditionally to kids until they unearn it.Adults are a different matter (and I’m sad to think this, but I do). Adults have to earn it. Don’t get me started about those in power (whether it’s a minister, teacher, parent) who misuse it or violate it. Abe Lincoln had the best words for the issue: “Any man can handle adversity. If you truly want to test a man’s character, give him power.”


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