I Will Walk You Home …

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Sunday, October 14, 2007
I Will Walk You Home.
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One of my younger friends commented that many of my blog entries were sad but ended with a twist. I started thinking about that. When I was younger sad seemed like a horrible thing. Sad has become relative though as I get older. Sometimes life is just plain hard… and painful… and we live through things that are hard to deal with emotionally, and spiritually and physically. We live in a fallen world with broken bodies. Death is a horrible thing to endure for those who are left behind. Even as believers we mourn… missing our loved ones and longing for our own homecoming.

This has been a season of loss. My friend Rhonda lost her husband so recently. My dear friend and music partner, Nancy lost her father last night. He was able to wait until her other sister made it from Northern California. She got the last seat on the plane to come down. He passed away about 5 minutes after they got back from the airport. She said it was a beautiful thing for them to all be able to be there together.

Today while she was with him, I was sitting and praying for them, and the journey they’ve been on. Nancy and her sisters have been able to be with their dad a lot in the last few months. I was thinking too, of talking to Rhonda when she was there in the room with her husband during his final hours. They were all able to help the people they’ve loved so much make that transition. Meanwhile they have to continue living here. I love and respect these people so much. I grieve for them as well, and cry with them. And I know that ultimately God holds us too, in the hollow of His hand. And that He will meet us in our grief… and we continue on that road that ultimately leads us home too. So yes, there is great sadness… and yet hope in knowing that we have a hope beyond the grave.

In the midst of everything today I wrote a song for them. Here is the beginning rough of the words:

I will take your hand
And I will walk you home
Right up to the door
Till you go in alone
I will walk away
See your lovely face
And hold it in my memory
Until I see you face to face

But until then…Until then…

He will walk you home
When you walk through that door
Show you wonders
You’ve never seen before
The ones you’ve been missing
Will meet you there
You’ll walk together pain free forever
Without a care

but until then…Until then…

I will take your hand
I will walk you home
Right up to the door
Where you’ll go in alone
And I will walk away
But I won’t be alone
I’ll carry every memory
Of the life that you have lived
and the goodness you have shown

Yes I will walk you home….Yes I will walk you home…
Then He will take you home
To the place you’ve longed for all along
We will walk you home.

©2007 Ransom Communications / 10/14/07 by Linda B


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