No Rest For The Weary …

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Monday, May 07, 2007
No Rest For The Weary…

Current mood: exhausted Category: Life

I had last week off. I started it exhausted and was looking forward to some much needed R & R. Unfortunately, Ken had some major health issues that made it the most stressful week for me in 10 years… and that’s saying something. I’m facing going back to work today completely physically and emotionally depleted. Sometimes life is just hard. Most of the week I would have rather had someone poke me repeatedly in the eye with a sharp stick than deal with the stuff I was having to deal with. And of course in the middle of it there are always people who think by saying the magic words, or praying the magic prayer, or being stronger, or dancing naked in the moonlight, or whatever, that someone will sprinkle pixy dust and everything will be wonderful. My theory is that those people are clueless.

There were some high spots though. I had pig therapy one day. One of my friends brought their miniature baby pot bellied pig over for a visit. That was a wonderfully bizarre diversion. The little guy didn’t even look real but was very friendly and fun to play with.

Several of my friends drug me out for a much needed break and meal. It’s amazing how good just plain old human contact can be. No one could fix what was going on last week, but their companionship along the journey was greatly appreciated. I also managed to get the beginnings of a great books lending library set up, which made me very happy. And somehow, I had some great divine appointments too. I finally got about a half hours rest and relaxation Sunday afternoon.

I sat down to plan my teaching for today and I am at a complete loss. I’m glad I love teaching and I love the interaction with my students. Hopefully they will help jump start me. Sometimes having a successful week is just staying alive and moving on. Here’s to a better week.


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