Only As Good As Your Last Exploit …

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You’re Only As Good As Your Last Exploit…

I’ve had quite the wacky life overall. It could be described a lot of ways, but boring isn’t one of them. I’ve had a lot of different careers and a lot of weird experiences over the years. I’ve met quite the cast of characters along the way. I certainly have enough material for a book, but if I published it as non fiction, a lot of people wouldn’t believe part of it.

In that way I feel blessed. Through everything… the highs and the lows I’ve had the chance to really live and to live three lifetimes worth already. This year I’ll celebrate my 49th birthday. My mother died in her 49th year. From the time she died I always wondered if I would make it longer than her. The truth is that in some ways I’m just getting started. There’s so much more I want to learn… so much I want to get better at… and so many things yet to experience. So, whether it’s here for years to come or the ultimate adventure, I want to make the most of it and live with passion. I don’t want to drift though life. And, no matter what my circumstances and what I have to do to make enough money to pay the bills, I don’t want that to be the beginning and ending of my life.

For some reason, throughout my life, there has been this oral tradition of stories about me passed around from my friends. A lot of times when I meet people they will start with… “So you’re Linda B.” and go on to mention some weird story about my life. Over the decades the stories change. It used to be unnerving but eventually I realized that it was cool that part of my life had made enough of an impact, good, bad or wacky, for them to remember it.

I remember on new years eve in 1999 when I was contemplating the new century, I thought, “gee things have to be better than this next year.” It turned out to be one of the hardest years ever, and the beginning of a whole tough decade for me. But in the middle of it all I refuse to sit down by the side of the road and watch my life go by. It’s time for new exploits. And I want you guys who are reading this to join me. I want for us to learn how to love each other more and truly care for each other. I want for us to learn how to care for the people who populate our world and our personal phone book.

And this year I have a special specific goal. I want to be a light and an encouragement to the generations that will follow in my generations footsteps and who can make a difference in their worlds. I want them to know how important they are. How precious they are to God. I want to invest in their lives and I want to challenge you who are my age and reading this to do the same.
So, bring it on… bring on 07 with it’s joys and challenges. Bring on the new relationships. Bring on the deepening relationships. Bring on new exploits.

To my younger friends… tell your friends who want to write me on myspace and become my friend there. Tell them to message me and tell me about their lives. You guys continue to challenge me to live my life with Jesus honestly and passionately before you too. Let’s keep the dialog going this year. Let’s hash through the stuff we are struggling with. Let’s end ’07 with some great new stories to tell.


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