Sharply Focused Acts of Kindness …

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Sharply Focused Acts of Kindness…

or, Way tooooooo long with no blogity blog
Current mood: thankful

This has been a busy wacky year so far. Too long has gone by since my last real blog entry at the beginning of the year. I have been thinking about a lot of things to blog about, but several of them will require some actual thought on my part. Hopefully I will be able to sit down and write about them soon. I began the blog that follows a few days after Valentine’s day, and finished it tonight. I’ve been contemplating just how important it is for us as humans to be connected to each other. I’d love to hear your comments on the subject.

Sharply focused acts of kindness…
These days months, sometimes years rush by. Life for me is a blur of teaching… working from early morning to late at night… to make enough money, mainly to pay for medical care. Sometimes the process is kind of demoralizing and draining. Its certainly not what I had envisioned for this season of my life. I mark the changes in the seasons by watching the leaves on the huge aspen tree next door change color, fall off and grow in again. I have weeks where I never make it to the back yard even from Mon. through Sat.

I love teaching. I love my students. I’m just weary from too too many hours. But sometimes in the midst of my wacky week, students will do something for me that reminds me again that I’m human, and cared for. One family of students brings great smoothies with them for me sometimes. Another brings my favorite coffee drink from Starbuck’s.

One student has surprised me many times with things that make me stop and wonder at how much she’s really paying attention to me and my life, not just as an extension of my guitar. I know she has no idea just how much of an impact she has on me on a regular basis. A while ago she mentioned that she and her husband were going up to Julian to get away. We were talking about how beautiful it is there and how Ken and I enjoy the apple cider and pies that come from there. A few days later there was a knock on the door. They were on their way home and they dropped off a pie and some cider. I scored! It was totally unexpected and a wonderful surprise. At Christmas time she gave me a gift certificate for Costco, which was perfect for me since I get work related things there all the time… not to mention all sorts of nifty stuff that lives there. Recently we just had Valentine’s day. She surprised me with a great rock n’ roll based card with a gift certificate from one of my favorite restaurant. She had noticed a menu on the fridge, and thought I might enjoy that. I think what touched me the most was that she took the time to notice. She went out of her way to notice. It was an act of premeditated, sharply focused kindness. It was good for my heart. It was even better for my soul. It was a reminder that my life matters to other human beings. I think we all need that. We all have the opportunity to do the same for each other. For me, it wasn’t the gifts, it was the thoughtful human contact… a reminder that I’m not alone as I power through my days… that other people are thinking about me… and praying for me… and caring for me… even when we can’t spend a bunch of time together face to face. That a wonderful thing about myspace too. We have the ability to just drop by and say hi.

So to any of you who are reading this; I want you to know that I appreciate having you as a part of my life. Thank you for your kindness and for caring for me.


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