A More Excellent Way …

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Creativity and / or The Arts, Faith, Teaching or Mentoring
This was origionally a blog published on May 8, 2006 in another place but I wanted to include it here.
A More Excellent Way

Every once in a while I google my name to see what pops up. (when did google become a verb anyway?) It used to mainly bring up album covers I did the photos or graphics for.

Last night I did it and was surprised to find something quite different showing up. One of my old music students, who is away at college now, and who I still spend time with when he is in town, had me listed as one of his heros on his My Space page. Nothing could have made me happier.

For years I did photography and media projects that were seen by literally millions of people. But the more I spent time with teenagers at my church I realized that a lot of them didn’t have adults outside of their immediate families that were commited to investing in their lives and their futures. More and more I began the shift away from doing media for a living towards teaching and also mentoring. It doesn’t pay as well. But I know that ultimately, what I’m going to leave behind is a lot more valuable. I don’t think God cared all that much for the big, bitchin’ media projects… but I know he cares for the lives of my students.

The students I invest in will go on to make a difference in their worlds long after I’m gone. If I do my job right, the kid’s they invest in will go on long after them. Long live that kind of legacy. Long live my students who are out to change their worlds!


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