Bringing The Funny Back …

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Creativity and / or The Arts, General Snarkeyness, Humor

Friday, September 12, 2008 (12:16pm)
Bringing the funny back…

Most people who hang out with me would tell you that even at the worst of times I can still almost always find something absurd to laugh about. Life these days can be more than just a little challenging with the 60 hours plus a week work week, the medical bills, etc. Sometimes I get more than just a wee bit overwhelmed. I have to shoo away that little pack of violinists who try to follow me around playing that annoying melancholy music. But even with all that and even though I spend most of my time in my teaching studio, life overall is pretty stinkin’ amazing. The older I’m getting the more I’m convinced that when it’s all said and done, our encounters and relationships with each other and with God are what really matter in this world. Crap happens. Life happens in the midst of the crap. Life is good.

I can laugh about almost anything. But I realized recently that even though I do have some pretty sinkin’ funny stories about all the weird things I’ve experienced with the Christian subculture, there are some parts of it that I just find painful and infuriating. I’ve had a few too many encounters with people (including some I’ve worked with on staff at different churches) who used their power and circle of influence to wound the very people they were there to lead and serve. That is a place of profound pain for me as I’ve spent years with the people who’s lives have been devastated in the name of Christian ministry. On my better days I know that any time you stick a bunch of humans together, you are going to get some amount of nastiness. Lately though I’ve found that when I think about the subculture (which is completely different in my mind than Jesus) the first thing I feel is grief, when I see the countless faces of friends who’s lives are in turmoil currently.

Just recently I found a few blogs written by people who have also been immersed in the subculture who are pretty good being able to laugh at the weird part of it while still embracing the good that’s there. I also like the fact that they have a similar snarky sense of humor and are willing to be honest about life in their worlds.

You can find two of them at the following places….
This site is often really funny, and sometimes really moving. It’s also worth reading some of the archives… make sure you read the comments though… they are sometimes the best part. He nails the weird quirky part of the subculture. Thanks Jon… razzle dazzle… razzle dazzle.

I love Stacy’s take on life and faith. Her blogs can be funny or moving (or both) but they are always well written. She’s good at pointing out the weird part of the subculture too… plus she’s been to Bible college which is a whole other source of material. I love her snarky sense of humor.

For those of my friends who patiently put up with my dogged participation in Christianity, hoping I’ll grow out of it, I think you might enjoy these guy’s blogs too. It’s a good reminder that all “Christians” aren’t joyless, mindless morons. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

As for the above mentioned bloggers, as well as some of you on myspace who write about your life and faith with humor and raw honesty, I’ll have to take the time to thank them and you too for reminding me again that there are a lot of weird, funny things about life, faith and it all. In the midst of the crap, there is a lot of good too. Who knew something that funny could also be good for my soul.


Yes, it’s good we can laugh (good-naturedly, of course) at the weirdness and wackiness in the world. It’s a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. It’s good to take the time to for amusement when all of us are so busy busy busy with work work work. I think it is necessary in order to keep sane. Sometimes when I need a laugh I will watch something like “The Farting Tilton Preacher” to cheer me up. For those of you who, like me, find fart noises amusing (I even own a remote control fart machine), you can watch “The Farting Tilton” on youtube….just type that in the search box.
Yes… both of us own remote control fart machines… alas there’s nothing quite like farting preacher humor. 😉

I have been enjoying stuffchristianslike of late… he makes me laugh! And I’m with you about finding ways to laugh at all the nonsense while holding onto all that’s relevant.You are a wonderfully dear woman to me and I am so glad our spaces bumped into each other!
I think you would enjoy the other one too. I like her writing… wind her up and watch her go. 🙂

For the record, I hope you never “grow out” of it. PS: I think I need to start writing again.
You are correct madam… you do need to start writing again… perhaps a little anti-penguin rant to get the process started again. You write… you write with penguins!

Thank you for this! And it is a great reminder that in the midst of all the crap life can fling at us, life is good.:) “I have to shoo away that little pack of violinists who try to follow me around playing that annoying melancholy music.”…Hee! What a wonderful description. Thank you for this.
It’s good to have other people to romp through the sucky parts with… or cry through the sucky parts… or sometime just laugh at the absurdity of the sucky parts.


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