Welcome To My World …

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Creativity and / or The Arts, Guitar, My Faves, My Students, Teaching or Mentoring, Uncategorized
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I am a fortunate woman. I get to do something I love for a living. More than that, I get to do it as a vocation. Every week I see an amazingly diverse group of people who show up at my door ready to learn how to play different instruments, or how to write songs, or lead worship, or a variety of other music related things. Each one of them is unique. Each one of them brings something different into my world… that’s for sure. It can be a noisey, messy, crazy time. It can also be aggravating at times challenging. But I still love it. I love watching kids eyes… their whole faces light up when they get something the first time. Anyway, enough yammering. In December, a bunch of my students… aged 6 – 60 played Smoke on the Water while I videotaped them. We edited all those together so everyone could get their 5 seconds of fame. I think you’ll enjoy it. Proving once again that music is a lot about just having a good time.


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