Thursday October 28, 2010 (4:23am)
Things I Think About Late at Night…

It’s the middle of the night. I was asleep for a few hours and now I’m awake again sitting here again in front of the computer. I am still such a night owl. I love this time of night. It’s so quiet and peaceful. My days are filled with so much noise and busyness. I love that too. I love getting the chance to spend my days with so many different people with so many different stories, one on one. There is a lot of learning to play music and learning to live life going on. At the end of each day they leave me with a lot to think about.

There are a lot of things I would like to blog about if I get the time and the energy. I would love to hear from others about some of the issues that keep coming up again and again when I talk to my students. I would love to tell some of their stories. There is so much to learn from them. I would like to talk about how the educational system is failing them and how the adults are failing them by not raising hell at their schools, with the school boards and at the national level to reclaim their chance for an education… about how “no child left behind” is destroying their education and at how much stress they are under. I’d like to talk about how as a generation we have over sheltered them from things that could have made them stronger and then left them to fend for themselves in areas when they really need us to step up and be the adults and the parents and care for them.

I would love to explore more how much having a creative outlet can be so healing for our lives. About art and faith and beauty and how they can go hand in hand. I would love to explore what we could do to encourage that creativity in each other.

I would love to have a deeper discussion about the huge cultural divide between the Christian community and the LGBTG community and what to really do with it… how to build bridges instead of walls.

I would love to look at why there are so many of us who have a passion for Jesus who feel so disenfranchised from the American church, and what we can do with that longing for something more real and authentic with each other.

It would be great to discuss what books and music have had a real impact on our lives. I can think of a list of several great books that have totally effected my life and faith that you’ll probably never see on the shelves of “Christian” bookstores. … and with that why it is that with so much music and so many books published every year, so little of it really has much substance or makes much impact.

Those are just a few of the things rattling around in my head. What about you guys? Are you interested in discussing any of those things? What do you think about late at night? Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of the discussion, and maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to sit down more often to write.

  1. apesydaisy says:

    I will be honest, every single thing you mentioned, I would love to talk about. One of the things you said was about a longing for something more real and authentic. We just started a new church and have chosen to do this differently. We are waiting on God for how to do it, especially the youth. We met with them outside in the woods last night around a campfire and talked about how we don’t know the direction we are headed yet, but that we know we have taught them wrong all these years by keeping them locked up in a classroom and telling them the list of do’s and don’ts. It will be exciting to see where this goes!

    • That is a great first step with the kids! That generation really responds to people who are willing to own their own crap or confusion for that matter. Like my other post said, saying I’m sorry to them helps a lot too. Most of the kids I deal with acutally have a desire to be close to God but not much of a desire for a bunch of vain religious activity. They respond like crazy to seeing people live it out with them and to people who are willing to invest in their lives personally. There is a great book called mY Generation by Josh Riebock that seems to articulate more clearly than anything I’ve read what they value, what they are looking for and what will help reach them. It’s on sale at Amazon right now…

  2. rhondacagle says:

    I would happily talk about any of these subjects with you. In fact, you’ve inspired me to write my own blog about what keeps me up at night. Instead of “Dueling Banjos,” you and I can do “Dueling Blogs.” (Although we seem to agree on almost every subject so there won’t be much of a duel!) In addition to your list, I would add the lack of civility or viable solutions to our political system and how it’s fraying at the fabric of civic life within the United States. Right, left, or in between, winning elections is now based on the person who can make people the most afraid of or angry about something — double points if you can accomplish both with the same subject. Well! It seems we have a lot to talk about.

    • Ah good one Rhonda… that one is driving me nuts too, especially with the elections coming up.

      Oh and then there’s also bullying and cyberbullying and why people are cruel to each other now, and the concept of respect and kindness is missing these days…. and …. Maybe we should both start posting more often. 🙂

  3. mistavista says:

    Linda, all of the points that you touched on are often rolling around in my mind…especially the LGTBG point…i fully believe that Dad is not a respecter of persons…so, i also know the He loves them just as much as He loves everyone else…it is my hope that whenever i meet a member of that community, i would greet them just as friendly as those who i count as close friends…i cannot presume to know all that they are going through…all that i can do is to pray for them in the everyday lives…Dad’s in control…and i am most certainly not…and, ya know, that’s plumb dandy with me…see you next week…

    • Isn’t it great to know that God’s big enough to take care of all that stuff? 🙂 It’s great that you are going to start writing again too Lee… hopefully some more poetry will pop out too!

  4. Lee says:

    Linda, just wanted to let you know that thanks to your efforts here…i am gonna give it a go to stir up my mental ink well to start writing/blogging again…thanks also for you patience guitar-wise…

  5. Barb says:

    hi, linda. just found this in here. so, yeah, these are all contemporary important issues to address. my personal one right now that sings to me is the being real and authentic with each other. rick and i are at a crossroads again and it looks like we will be changing churches again. culturally we have paid our dues where we have been and we need to move on. where have all the meat eating xns gone? why is everyone still stuck on milk?

    • Barb, I think the good news and the bad news for you and Rick and me is that we were incredibly fortunate to have a season in our lives where we had that kind of community that was close like family and watched out for each other. It’s such a rare thing. I wish my younger friends and students could experience a little of what we had all those years ago. By the way, is it as crazy to you as it is to me that we’ve known each other for 40 years??????

  6. Kerri says:

    These are the issues we need to be discussing. How can we become whole, or have any impact in the lives of people around us, if we don’t start taking an honest look at ourselves, and what we’ve believed, and be honest….with ourselves, with God, and with each other. We are all just putting one foot in front of the other while we try to figure out how to live our lives. Doing that with other people, who are doing the same thing, is definetely the way to go……

  7. nancylw says:

    Linda, I like the looks of this teal blue site with all the cool topics and key words. I especially like vision of bringing people together. I hope I can contribute once in awhile. I am especially drawn to the topic of creativity. I love the healing that comes through it. I love it when it that happens in me and when I see it happen in others. I hope this blog spot will spark that in all of us.

    • Thanks Nancy. I love that topic too. God could have made us to be satisfied with a merely utilitarian existence… eat, sleep, work do it all over the next day. But He chose to be the ultimate creative being and give us such amazing variety of color and texture and shapes. Just looking at tropical fish and animals I’m blown away by the variety of things he’s created… and that he called “good.” We were created to be responders to that creativity. As artists and musicians I’m still blown away that we get to participate with Him sometimes in the process. Sometimes one song can move me more than hours of someone talking at me. Here’s to all of us having that creative part of us stirred up.

  8. JamieF says:

    Funny thing Linda, I am sitting here in my own middle of the night musings ( 3 A.M. to be exact ) and I stumble across yours ! :’) Well, all of what you mentioned is very worthy of further discussion and thought. Over the last year I have pondered much about why we, as the body of Christ, seem in so many ways to the world nothing like Him. I believe that when we truly let Him in to heal our own wounds we become more in love with Him, transformed by Him and able to pour that love out onto the world. He is love and changed the world with love. His offer is freedom and Life to the Full, so lets start acting like WE have it and maybe , just maybe , those in darkness will be drawn to the Light. And when they come, it is our job to love and the Holy Spirits job to call men unto Himself and change them.
    Linda I also loved that you mentioned books that have greatly impacted you but they aren’t on the ” Christian book best sellers” list. The Word says that God made the whole world and EVERYTHING in it is His. All of creation speaks of His majesty .Jesus even mentioned that the rocks would cry out if the people didnt , so why is it so hard for some to accept that ETERNAL TRUTHS are everywhere ??!!!! When you have the Holy Spirit in you it is possible to wade through seemingly muddy waters and discern valuable gems. Isn’t great how the Father whispers into your heart in very unexpected moments and places sometimes?
    Anyway, yes, keep the conversations flowing. See ya next week!

  9. Jamie great body clocks move alike! Good question. In the midst of such a dark time where there is so much pain and uncertainty, we carry the good news… the great news, that we have a Father who loves us and can help us in the middle of our humanness and brokenness. People respond when we let them see the real us warts and all… and see God in us. Hope is a powerful gift to offer. Grace is the gift we as the body of Christ have to offer to others too. Philip Yancy had some great quotes about that in one of his books. I’ll have to find them and post them here.

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