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Friday, September 12, 2008 (12:16pm)
Bringing the funny back…

Most people who hang out with me would tell you that even at the worst of times I can still almost always find something absurd to laugh about. Life these days can be more than just a little challenging with the 60 hours plus a week work week, the medical bills, etc. Sometimes I get more than just a wee bit overwhelmed. I have to shoo away that little pack of violinists who try to follow me around playing that annoying melancholy music. But even with all that and even though I spend most of my time in my teaching studio, life overall is pretty stinkin’ amazing. The older I’m getting the more I’m convinced that when it’s all said and done, our encounters and relationships with each other and with God are what really matter in this world. Crap happens. Life happens in the midst of the crap. Life is good.

I can laugh about almost anything. But I realized recently that even though I do have some pretty sinkin’ funny stories about all the weird things I’ve experienced with the Christian subculture, there are some parts of it that I just find painful and infuriating. I’ve had a few too many encounters with people (including some I’ve worked with on staff at different churches) who used their power and circle of influence to wound the very people they were there to lead and serve. That is a place of profound pain for me as I’ve spent years with the people who’s lives have been devastated in the name of Christian ministry. On my better days I know that any time you stick a bunch of humans together, you are going to get some amount of nastiness. Lately though I’ve found that when I think about the subculture (which is completely different in my mind than Jesus) the first thing I feel is grief, when I see the countless faces of friends who’s lives are in turmoil currently.

Just recently I found a few blogs written by people who have also been immersed in the subculture who are pretty good being able to laugh at the weird part of it while still embracing the good that’s there. I also like the fact that they have a similar snarky sense of humor and are willing to be honest about life in their worlds.

You can find two of them at the following places….
This site is often really funny, and sometimes really moving. It’s also worth reading some of the archives… make sure you read the comments though… they are sometimes the best part. He nails the weird quirky part of the subculture. Thanks Jon… razzle dazzle… razzle dazzle.

I love Stacy’s take on life and faith. Her blogs can be funny or moving (or both) but they are always well written. She’s good at pointing out the weird part of the subculture too… plus she’s been to Bible college which is a whole other source of material. I love her snarky sense of humor.

For those of my friends who patiently put up with my dogged participation in Christianity, hoping I’ll grow out of it, I think you might enjoy these guy’s blogs too. It’s a good reminder that all “Christians” aren’t joyless, mindless morons. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

As for the above mentioned bloggers, as well as some of you on myspace who write about your life and faith with humor and raw honesty, I’ll have to take the time to thank them and you too for reminding me again that there are a lot of weird, funny things about life, faith and it all. In the midst of the crap, there is a lot of good too. Who knew something that funny could also be good for my soul.


Yes, it’s good we can laugh (good-naturedly, of course) at the weirdness and wackiness in the world. It’s a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. It’s good to take the time to for amusement when all of us are so busy busy busy with work work work. I think it is necessary in order to keep sane. Sometimes when I need a laugh I will watch something like “The Farting Tilton Preacher” to cheer me up. For those of you who, like me, find fart noises amusing (I even own a remote control fart machine), you can watch “The Farting Tilton” on youtube….just type that in the search box.
Yes… both of us own remote control fart machines… alas there’s nothing quite like farting preacher humor. 😉

I have been enjoying stuffchristianslike of late… he makes me laugh! And I’m with you about finding ways to laugh at all the nonsense while holding onto all that’s relevant.You are a wonderfully dear woman to me and I am so glad our spaces bumped into each other!
I think you would enjoy the other one too. I like her writing… wind her up and watch her go. 🙂

For the record, I hope you never “grow out” of it. PS: I think I need to start writing again.
You are correct madam… you do need to start writing again… perhaps a little anti-penguin rant to get the process started again. You write… you write with penguins!

Thank you for this! And it is a great reminder that in the midst of all the crap life can fling at us, life is good.:) “I have to shoo away that little pack of violinists who try to follow me around playing that annoying melancholy music.”…Hee! What a wonderful description. Thank you for this.
It’s good to have other people to romp through the sucky parts with… or cry through the sucky parts… or sometime just laugh at the absurdity of the sucky parts.


Friday February 1, 2008 (12:22am)

One of my myspace buddies tagged me and this was origionally published there…
Tag… I’m it….

Rose has tagged me and now I’m “it.” from her blog:

Once you have been tagged, write a blog with 10 weird, random things, or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (tag, you’re it) and to read your blog.

and you can’t tag the person who tagged you.

Rose just tagged me. Those of you who don’t know her would really enjoy her. She’s another creative/techno person who writes great grousy blogs, and is really a very tenderhearted softy. All of that I find very endearing. So here are a few rambling thoughts in no particular order…

1. As a child I loved the cartoon Gigantor, and wanted a multi-ton Robot as my best buddy… thus began my love/hate relationship with technology.

2. From the age of 5 to about 10 my next door neighbor and I would put on shows for the other neighborhood kids, complete with functional curtain. We did a lot of Motown songs and Beatles stuff. As an adult, I’ve done a disproportionally large number of gigs playing in corners with poultry (either live or on the menu) involved.

3. My mother had short stubby toes. My father’s two toes next to his big toe were grown together. I have short stubby half way grown together toes that are funny to look at and probably resemble hobbit toes. As a child I saw a drawing of an Eohippus, a prehistoric horse and my toes resembled theirs.

4. I repel technology. I can kill off technology just by being near it, especially during a hormonal swing. My techno geek husband didn’t believe me at first and now agrees it’s downright creepy. I need to figure out how to hire myself out to do industrial espionage. Things I kill off on a regular basis includes, but is not limited to, a bizillion cash registers, multiple voting machines, airline ticket machines, video cameras, audio equipment and COMPUTERS. Needless to say this causes a lot of problems with my chosen profession where I’m using technology every day. On a related note, I have to wear a digital watch and not one with mechanical parts. I stop regular watches. (It must be my magnetic personality.)

5. I attract organic life forms. Animals and small children love me. Even wild and feral animals with normally hang out with me. “Vicious” dogs will normally also be perfectly tame with me. Even highly trained agility dogs will break from what they are doing and come over to hang out with me. It’s very odd. I actually ran a children’s ministry at a church for awhile and the kids would follow me around like I was the pied piper. I also was able to instantaneously get the screaming babies to stop and calm down.

6. I am the goose whisperer. Even though they are the thugs of the bird world I love to go feed them. They come up and stand around me calmly waiting to take the food out of my hand, which tends to freak out anyone else around who might be trying to feed the birds at the local pond. (Please see my photo album titled blog illustrations or journal illustrations for proof.)

7. When I was a small child I wanted to leave home as soon as I could to go live on a farm and raise animals. By the time I was starting middle school I had my whole life planned out… I was going to either become a psychologist or a sociologist. As a fluke I took a photo class in high school because I thought it might be a good tool in case I did field studies etc. As it turned out I had a very high aptitude for it and did my first album cover when I was 18 or 19. I still end up doing a lot of lay counseling / mentoring etc. .. even more now teaching music than I did working and counseling at a church… go figure. One of my friends calls it teaching guitar- har -har -har.

8. In teaching and in mentoring, I love working with middle school students. .. especially the really bright ones. I love the way they are still inquisitive and are engaged in figuring who they are and what they want to accomplish in their lives… and they aren’t completely cynical yet! One of my favorite things is having the privilege of being in my students lives long enough to watch them grow into adulthood. My goal is to encourage them to be their own people, to be as creative as possible, and to stand their ground for what is true and important and to make a difference in their worlds.

9. I believe it’s great to do a major career shift every decade or so. It keeps life interesting and makes for a lot better batch of weird stories. Who knows what I might do next… or again.

10. I dream in cinematically in mixed media. Sometimes I dream in a mixture of live action and cartoon. Sometimes my dreams have a narrator. Sometimes they are very movie like with different camera shots and angles… and sometimes I have dream sequels at the same location.


11. I have a very weird mixture of friends… so weird in fact that some of you guys probably couldn’t stand to be in the same room with each other. I love the diversity. I love the different ways you challenge my thinking. I love the things I learn from you about life, and relationships and God and what’s really important in life. By nature I’m actually pretty shy and pretty much of an introverted loner. I’m incredibly thankful that you guys help drag me outside of myself and remind me again and again that we are family.