Editing My Thought Bubbles…

I tend to be a pretty straight forward person. I’m not big into beating around the bush. But I recently realized how much I still edit my thought bubbles when it comes to dealing with “religion” with people. I think what passes for Christianity in this country bears very little resemblance to what Jesus had in mind. I see a lot of vain activity orchestrated by men who are more interested in protecting their jobs than making a difference in the world. In the mean time there are a lot of people who really are living their faith who tend to feel out of place in the big religious machine. I wanted a place to talk about that. Welcome to my blog. Please feel free to join me.

Originally published on  Sunday, 6/4/2006

  1. itsakoolife says:

    So so love this. Can I subscribe to your blog? Does “following” mean that I will get notified of new posts? I got your reply to my comment and was SO excited! I called my sister and squealed, “I HAVE MY FIRST BLOGGING FRIEND!” Thank you for your kindness.

    Wait. I think I figured it out. When I check the box that says “notify me of new posts via email” after leaving a comment does the trick, right?

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